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About Stellastra

Last modified on Wednesday, May 8, 2024

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About Stellastra

What is Stellastra?

Stellastra is the global cyber security ranking platform. We rank and compare over 10,000 cyber security companies across 400 categories. Stellastra is driven by 5 major ethics: security, objectivity, transparency, fairness, and vendor neutrality.

What is Stellastra Cyber Security Risk Scoring?

Stellastra has made its cybersecurity scoring engine accessible to the public, granting individuals and organizations the ability to obtain a complimentary and instantaneous cybersecurity risk assessment. This democratization of cybersecurity evaluation empowers a broader audience to gauge their digital security posture effortlessly. Stellastra Cyber Security Risk Scoring utilizes a passive and non-intrusive engine that analyzes public cyber security metrics across areas including email, domain, web, and brand security.

Stellastra's vision.

Stellastra was founded on the vision of a global comparison platform of all cyber security companies, with cyber security companies standing out based on the strength of their commitment to the cause, not by the weight of their wallets. We have made good progress with this goal, listing over 10,000 cyber security companies globally covering over 60 languages.

Stellastra's ethics.

  • Security: Every move that Stellastra makes is to create a more cyber-secure world.
  • Objectivity: Stellastra incorporates metrics that can be applied to every website and domain in the world. From the individual, to the non-profit and educational, to the global corporation, Stellastra applies the same metrics.
  • Fairness: Stellastra's entire platform is built around the concept of meritocracy, it is very much not a pay to win ranking platform. In fact, most companies in the top positions of our categories have not paid us a single cent. Furthermore, all security scoring algorithms are built on open protocols, meaning you can rank higher automatically, without needing to involve any 3rd party, including Stellastra.
  • Transparency: Stellastra is open and transparent in how it ranks companies. This ensures more actionable data, allowing you to make changes to your cyber security posture and improve your ranking on Stellastra.
  • Vendor Neutrality: Stellastra is not beholden to any vendor, and vendors can never buy their positions in our lists. This fosters long-term trust in Stellastra as the go-to comparison site for cyber security vendors.

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