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The Most Cyber Secure Canadian Universities - 2023

Last modified on Wednesday, May 8, 2024

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Stellastra Gold Award for Cybersecurity Excellence in Canadian Universities - 2023

Stellastra Gold Award for Cybersecurity Excellence in Canadian Universities - 2023

Building on the popularity and recognition of our British awards, we are delighted to present the list of top-performing universities that have been honored with Stellastra's Gold award for cybersecurity risk management in 2023. Out of over 100 universities in Canada, these institutions have distinguished themselves as cybersecurity leaders in higher education.

These universities have made substantial investments to fortify their digital infrastructure, prioritizing the protection of their staff, students, and research. For a detailed insight into our rigorous cybersecurity risk scoring criteria, please visit our cybersecurity risk scoring criteria.

Stellastra Gold Award Recipients 2023:

We extend a huge congratulations to Université du Québec en Outaouais and Université TÉLUQ, which have secured joint first place among all Canadian universities based on our stringent evaluation criteria.

As customary, awardees are granted the privilege of using the Stellastra Gold 2023 award badge for their marketing materials. For detailed guidelines, please consult our award badge usage guidelines.

Thank you for your ongoing commitment to advancing cybersecurity in the education sector.

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