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Stellastra consistently works towards the goal of comparing all cyber security vendors globally, adherring strictly to our founding values:

Security. Stellastra strives to create a more cyber secure world.

Objectivity. Stellastra applies the same metrics to everyone.

Fairness. Stellastra is not pay to win. Increase security, score higher.

Transparency. Stellastra is open and transparent in how it ranks companies.

Vendor Neutrality. Vendors can never buy their positions in our lists.


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What people are saying about Us

“Thank you for this recognition, Stellastra! … Along with the other tools on Pentest-Tools.com for web application security scanning, they make a powerful combo for #penetrationtesting and #ethicalhacking pros.”



“Being recognized by Stellastra stands as a testament to our commitment to delivering secure, scalable, and modern solutions in DNS, DHCP, and IPAM.”


Internet Security,

“We’re pleased to announce that we won Stellastra’s Summer 2023 award for the Best Cloud Email Security Company. “Kudos to our talented team for this latest recognition. It’s a testament to their relentless focus and commitment to protection and serving our clients.”


Email Security,

“A big thank you to Stellastra for recognizing PowerDMARC’s dedication to email security and authentication, and presenting us with the Stellastra Best DMARC Company Award for Summer 2023.”


Email Authentication,

Stellastra The Cyber Security Comparison Platform

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