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Stellastra Reviews API

Stellastra makes it easy to get reviews for your cybersecurity solution in real-time with its platform-agnostic REST API.

The review process is straightforward:

Ⅰ - Your user leaves one or multiple star ratings for your solution. This could be integrated to your website, solution portal, app, notification, newsletter, or email.

ⅠⅠ - You forward this review to us automatically via a secure API call 🔒 and Stellastra forwards the review to the user's business email ✉ for verification ✅.

ⅠⅠⅠ - The user clicks the verification link, authenticating the review.

Getting started is quick and easy, generate an API key using the link below, then return here and follow the instructions below..

Machine-readable OpenAPI 3.0 Description
Generate API Key

The solution name and redirect URL properties are tied to your API key you set above.

Stellastra works with any API call, the following are thus illustrative examples for different languages.

import responses 

body = {
user_email = "john.smith@tortosieofdestiny.co.uk",
user_name = "John",
star_rated_color = "#e7711b",

destination = "https://stellastra.com/api/post-review"
your_auth_email = "john.smith@yourcompany.com"
key = "b371880dc4cc9f19dcd7241bb1aad9cc2700ab113735f45f50835785d65be292f4b3376a0ee0"

response = requests.post(destination, auth=(your_auth_email, key), data=body)
async function post_review_to_stellastra(your_auth_email, key, body) {
try {
const axios = require("axios");
const url = "https://stellastra.com/api/post-review";
const response = await axios.post(url, body, {auth:{username: your_auth_email, password: key}});
return response;

catch (e) {
return e.response


async function main() {
const your_auth_email = "john.smith@yourcompany.com"
const key = "b371880dc4cc9f19dcd7241bb1aad9cc2700ab113735f45f50835785d65be292f4b3376a0ee0"
const body = {
user_email: "john.smith@tortosieofdestiny.co.uk",
user_name: "John",
star_rated_color: "#e7711b"

const result = await post_review_to_stellastra(your_auth_email, key, body)

Stellastra The Cyber Security Comparison Platform

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