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Diganose Email Deliverability Problems

A leading cause of email deliverability problems actually has nothing to do with the content of the email, or even the subject line. In a large number of cases, if an email bounces, is rejected, or goes to spam it is due to authentication issues. Stellastra Deliverability processes your email in the same way that a receiving mail server would. We use our proprietary technology to parse your email headers and provide you with a curated result to explain your deliverability issues in plain English. Stellastra can diagnose issues from hundreds of different mailing services.

Example of Stellastra solving email deliverability issues

Stellastra's email deliverability testing software combines multiple email deliverability tools and best practices to stop your emails going to spam. Boost your professionalism immediately. From a single analysis, our email deliverability check covers authentication issues including SPF, DKIM, DMARC, SPF alignment, and DKIM alignment.

SPF Authorization
Results of SPF Check
Sender Policy Framework (SPF) Authorization passed correctly. Sending IP Address of 172.16.00 (Example Mail Sender) is authorized to send on behalf of stellastra.com.
DKIM Authorization
Result for Dkim Signature #1
DKIM Signature passed with signing domain of stellastra.com.
Authentication Results
Final Authentication Results
Authentication passes, at least one of DKIM and SPF is both passing and aligning correctly.


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